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Dr. Energy Saver not only insulated and air sealed this homeowner's attic in Lewes, DE but they also encapsulated their crawl space as well.

Let’s start with the attic. Their attic was not properly air sealed or insulated which caused air to leak from within the home and into the attic. Once the air reaches the attic it becomes lost. This has a dramatic effect on energy savings and utility costs. To solve this problem, Dr. Energy Saver will air seal and insulate the attic to prevent future air leakage.

The crawl space was suffering from high humidity levels. Their crawl space was vented and vents allow cool and warm air to enter the crawl space. This allows the insulation to sag away from the sub floor and the crawl space to become extremely humid. To solve this problem, Dr. Energy Saver will encapsulate the crawl space, remove the old insulation, seal the vents and install a dehumidifier to help with the humidity.

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