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Homeowner's in Salisbury, MD needed to add more insulation in their attic to fit their home comfort needs. 

Most homes have fiberglass insulation because it is cheap and easy to install. Sadly, fiberglass insulation will not stop air flowing in and out of the attic. These homeowners needed to add insulation to make their home comfortable and energy efficient. 

To solve this common problem, Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva will cap the blown fiberglass with TruSoft Blown Cellulose Insulation. TruSoft Blown Cellulose insulation is heavier, denser and has a higher R-Value than fiberglass insulation. By blowing the TruSoft Cellulose on top of the fiberglass, it compresses the fiberglass insulation and adds R-Value. By adding insulation, it will make the home more comfortable and energy efficient for the homeowner's. 

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