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Photo Album: Uninsulated Basement Walls in Townsend, DE

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This homeowner in Townsend, DE was suffering from leaky rim joists and uninsulated basement walls in their home.

Rim joists are the perimeter of the floor framing system. The joints and gaps between all the framing allows leakage into the home. This results in cold floors, drafty rooms and cold basements.

Dr. Energy Saver solves leaky rim joists by installing a two part expanding spray foam over the rim joists and the air leaks. The results are warmer floors, less drafts and costs less to heat their home.

This homeowner was not only suffering from leaky rim joists, but also uninsulated basement walls. Basement walls are about 17 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than the rest of the home. Basement walls can never be heated and air constantly flows through it. In the winter, the basement is even colder. In the summer, the basement creates condensation which leads to mold growth.

Dr. Energy Saver solves this problem by installing SilverGlo foam insulation. SilverGlo is applied to the basement walls, creating a barrier so air can no longer flow through it. The results are a warmer, more comfortable basement, while also saving money on fuel bills.

This homeowner can now live comfortably and efficiently in their home thanks to Dr. Energy Saver.

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